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There used to be a dilemma to choose between asphalt or a concrete driveway, but concrete driveways are getting the upper hand because of the unlimited decorative options available.

Concrete is a good option because of its durability, longevity, and beauty. Gone are the days when you could only have plain concrete, now, you can have a concrete driveway according to your desired design. 

Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

Aesthetically Pleasing

The curb looks more appealing with the light gray concrete design. And there are more creative design options if you so desire. You can have the concrete blend with your home’s architectural design, or have colored concrete to give your home a darker surface.

Any design you choose for a concrete driveway turns out to make it look outstanding.

Absorption of heat and light

With an average of 213 sunny days in Overland Park, you might prefer a driveway that absorbs less UV rays. Concrete’s counterpart, Asphalt absorbs more UV rays, making it hotter during sunny days, although this might be preferred during winter. 

Because of concrete’s moderate absorption of heat, it does not evaporate its sealant oil or coating, as asphalt would. 

Concrete’s absorption of light is also similar to its absorption of heat. It absorbs less light, which makes the driveway require less lighting than when you have an asphalt driveway.  You get to save more energy.


A concrete driveway costs less to install compared to some other options (like bricks and pavers) and it requires less cost to maintain. With occasional sealing, it lasts for a long time. 

Also, a concrete driveway increases the market value of your home and makes it more appealing to prospective buyers. So, whatever amount you put into installing a concrete driveway can be gotten back if you decide to sell the house. 

Rigid characteristics

A concrete driveway is rigid enough to hold heavy trucks and loads without sinking unevenly. If you are likely to have heavy trucks in your driveway more often, you should think of a concrete driveway.

Concrete Driveway Installation Process 

Installing a concrete driveway yourself might sound easy but many factors might need expertise. The steps involved in installing a concrete driveway are

Excavating the Site

You have to prepare the driveway in advance for the concrete installation. You prepare the ground by getting rid of grasses, vegetation, and other things that will stand in the way of a stable foundation.

Preparing the Structure

Place wood forms around the intended perimeter for the concrete. Gravel is added as a base to the soil and it is graded and compacted. Then you reinforce it with wire mesh or steel rebar. If this is done well, the place is ready for the concrete mix. 

Pour the concrete mix

Pouring the concrete mix is time sensitive because it hardens quickly. This is why you need a team of professionals to help you. As soon as the ready-mix delivers, fill the space with it and continue with the finishing touches before it hardens. The finishing touches also require placing joints in the right places, this will prevent random breaks and cracks along with the concrete.

Final touches

After mixing and pouring the concrete, the concrete will be leveled to give a uniform surface. After which, floating will be done. Floating is done to smoothen the surface and prevent the accumulation of bleed water. 

Floating has to be done accordingly because too much can weaken the surface of the concrete and too little floating will give the concrete a rough look. 

The finishing touches can also involve drawing patterns, creating designs, and coloring. 

Waiting out

After finishing the processes involved, you wait for it to harden, this process is called curing. Curing is a chemical process that needs the surface to be kept damp. So, in high temperatures, you should keep wetting the concrete to elongate the curing time.

Do not drive on the concrete for a couple of weeks and do not reseal till after a month.


Need a Concrete Driveway in Overland Park?

Overland Park Concrete Crew offers a variety of concert services of which a concrete driveway is one. We have handled many projects involving concrete driveways in Overland Park and this is not limited to residential areas. 

We do not only offer manual labor, but we also offer consultations to help you in your decision-making process. We have professionals and experts that can help and guide you in your concrete projects. 

We offer concrete contractions and repairs, contact us today to kick start your concrete projects.

Why go for Overland Park Concrete Crew?

  • We have enough knowledge and skills to create your desired design.
  • We listen actively to customers to execute to your satisfaction 
  • We are highly professional and we handle the work in the same manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a concrete driveway a good idea?

You can not go wrong with a concrete driveway. Concrete driveways are strong, durable, economical, and require little maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly and increase the home market value. Even though it depends on your preference and needs, a concrete driveway is a good idea.

Is it cheaper to concrete or pave?

Concrete is usually not as expensive upfront considering that the materials are more affordable. However, if you consider the installation, stamping, repairing, and replacement, it might turn out to be the same price or more expensive than pavers.

And if you intend to customize patterns, designs, and colors, concrete will be more expensive. 

How deep does a concrete driveway need to be?

A concrete driveway should be placed at a minimum of 4 inches. Increasing the inches will mean more load capacity for your driveway. The slab edge thickness can be between 4-8 inches

What is the useful life of a concrete driveway?

A concrete driveway Overland Park should last as long as 30 years. However, this is dependent on many factors such as extreme weather conditions, how well the installation was done, and how well you maintain it. You can reseal after every year or couple of years.