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Are you looking for a way to beautify your boring-looking backyard? Do you want to make your outdoor space more comfortable and relaxing? Do you want to create a paved pathway along your walkways?

Overland Park Concrete crew can help you install stamped concrete patios as a way to beautify your walkways, backyard, and outdoor space.

With over 83 parks in Overland Park, you can always get a place for your recreation time. And tourists can always run, hike, fish, and play in the parks.

However, whenever you want intimate family time in your backyard, it will be best if concrete features are installed in the outdoor spaces to make it look and feel great. More so, there are more warm days in Overland Park, making it more possible to enjoy the outer space.

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Concrete is good for outdoor spaces because it is strong and does not get affected by extreme weather.

However, stamped concrete is a step forward from ordinary concrete. Stamped concrete is designed and custom-made to beautify the driveways, patios, walkways, and the outdoor space in general.

Stamped concrete requires more time and effort than concrete, this is because they are made and installed on site. After pouring the wet concrete into the intended space, the top of it is designed with molds. If you want a specific color, the colors are mixed with the concrete before pouring it into the space. 

You can design and create a custom-made patio in your home with stamped concrete. 

Advantages of Having a Stamped Patio

Beautifies the Outdoors

You can decide which area of your home you want to install a stamped concrete patio. And you can also decide what color and design you want. This makes the outdoors look more aesthetically pleasing than plain concrete or floor.

Adds to home value

Whatever amount you spend on a stamped concrete patio will reflect whenever you price the economic value of the home. And if you later put the home for sale, it will have more value and attractiveness if you have stamped concrete patio.

Lasts long

Unlike many other types of patios, a stamped concrete patio lasts for a long time. And you do not have to worry about the stamped patio sinking unevenly during extreme weather, under heavy furniture, or a large number of people.

Requires little maintenance 

Once it is sealed, all you have to worry about is sweeping and keeping debris a blast from the patio. Then resealing after 8- 12 months to prevent cracking or chipping away of the patio. Resealing also helps to preserve the patio’s colors.


Treat your stamped patio with a non-skid additive and you will not have to worry about anyone slipping on the driveways. Also, some designs and patterns provide friction and make the patio slip-resistant. 


You are not limited to designs, patterns, and colors when it comes to stamped concrete patios. You have an unlimited number of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. You can customize the patio to look like your outdoor existing designs. This is made easier because the stamped concrete patio is installed and designed onsite.


Compared to other outdoor design options like natural stone, pavers, or bricks, stamped concrete patios are more affordable and require less labor to install. Apart from the installation price being less expensive, the overall material for stamped patios costs less. This means you will be able to design your outdoor look while paying less.


Steps to Install Stamped Concrete Patio

Slab Preparation

The space where you want to install your stamped concrete patio must be checked to prepare the place for the installation. The slab must be well compacted to prevent erosion and ensure adequate water drainage for the last longing concrete.

You can also use steel bars and wire mesh underneath to enhance structural support and prevent early cracking along the stamped concrete patio. 

You should also ensure that the concrete surfaces do not go beyond the intended space

Install the concrete

The mixed concrete can be deposited in the intended position while bearing in mind that it can not be easily moved. All designs and patterns must be considered beforehand to avoid mistakes.

Add finishing touches

This is when you stamp and level the concrete to prevent any issues on the concrete. You can also add colors before stamping it finally. After which you will install joints to prevent cracking (Not all cracking can be prevented due to temperature change and other factors.)

Finally, you add a sealant to bring out the color and add sheen to the stamped concrete. This will retain the color and prevent dirt and debris from penetrating.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a stamped concrete patio worth it?

A stamped concrete patio is worth it if you want a beautiful, custom-made outdoor space without going out of your budget. A stamped concrete patio costs less than many other outdoor space designs which are not customizable.

Is it cheaper to do stamped concrete or pavers?

Concrete is less expensive and they cover more ground more quickly than pavers can. For pavers, you have to get and pay for each tile. Also, the installation price for pavers is more expensive than that of a stamped concrete patio.

However, the value of the pavers reflects in the home value and boosts the price of houses with pavers to be higher than houses with stamped concrete.


How long does a stamped concrete patio last?

A stamped concrete patio is expected to last five to seven years. In between, you might have to restamp every year to prevent cracking and maintain its color. For your free quote on a stamped concrete patio Overland Park click here.

Is stamped concrete better than pavers?

They both look similar and pavers can also be customized to look like stamped concrete. However, the better one depends on the project and individual’s preferences. 

Pavers are more slip-resistant due to their nature, however, stamped concrete becomes slip-resistant once you add a non-skid additive. Stamped concrete is more easily maintained than pavers and they are more affordable.

In essence, you have to weigh your pros and cons to determine which of the two is better.