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Your local concrete contractor completes all concrete projects including flatwork, stamped concrete, concrete driveways, and foundations.

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Overland Park Concrete Crew offers professional services as concrete contractors. We hope to be of service to the whole of Kansas City and help provide services that include concrete removal, concrete repair, or concrete installation in driveways, patios, private roads, ramps, pads, and walking trails. Our work will benefit you in areas that are either commercial, industrial, or municipal.

The work at Overland Park Concrete Crew is carried out with meticulous assessments and planning, and delivery and execution are done carefully. Our company is always brainstorming new innovative ways to aid you in your concrete work. We do our best to reduce overhead and maximize efficiency while completing work on time and within the budget. Call us today at 913-914-8893.

Concrete can be regarded as the base pillar of any foundation, and that makes its quality to be an essential factor. It can be a source of safety and durability. That is why choosing the right concrete company for your projects in concrete repair and concrete contraction is an important decision. Compared to tiles and wooden frameworks, concrete is relatively low maintenance. Other pros may include the durability and customization potential concrete has. As a result, concrete has become increasingly favored for flooring systems in indoor or outdoor settings.

We have years of experience at our disposal that will allow us to use modern tactics and equipment for more complex and time-sensitive concrete contraction projects.  

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Concrete Driveways Overland Park

We are glad to inform you that our wide variety of experience has helped us welcome projects of all types. We can work in both residential and commercial areas for your concrete work. We give you a guarantee that you will receive the best result possible in your driveways or patios.

Our company is open for consultation, and we have the brightest and most knowledgeable minds that will guide you in the concrete related projects. Give us a call today and notify our team to kick start your work regarding concrete repair and concrete contraction.

​Concrete Repair

Damages to a block of concrete can lead to subsequent damages in the whole dependent structure. This can lead to stress to both yourself and the concrete surface that is under wear. It is imperative that concrete repair is done as quickly as possible due to the possibility of concrete damages leading to deterioration very rapidly. There are a variety of ways that repairs to damaged concrete can be done.

Traditionally crack filling is carried out, but if the situation persists then, further actions are taken accordingly. Filling is a small process that involves levelling off cracked parts of the concrete surface and sealing it completely. It is a quick process and requires at most a day for completion.

Improper mixing and poor application methods lead to concrete cracking. Concrete is a very hard material of itself and is prone to premature cracking and deterioration if not processed and appropriately applied.

At Overland Park Concrete Crew, we can carry out concrete repair very quickly and effectively. Your concrete flooring or surface will have prolonged longevity, and we repair concrete quickly, efficiently, and with the best methods that ensure longevity. The finished product will be just as strong as newly done concrete work. Maintenance and cleaning are important if you want to avoid premature damages to your concrete. We are able to help you in this regard and give you annual checkups and cleanings. Small steps that require minimal efforts can be made by the general public. Those steps include watering down the surface to remove the buildup of debris or removal of oil spills as promptly as possible to remove the chance of staining.

Concrete Services

Our team at Overland Park Concrete Crew offers professional and state of the art concrete installations. We can assist you in matters from large to small and complex to simple. Our reputation precedes us, and we give our word that the work will be done flawlessly, within time, and within the budget.

So if you are in need of a concrete company for your concrete contraction and installation project in Kansas City then look no further than our company. We look forward to hearing from you and choosing us for your project. Give our company a call or contact us online for any queries, consultations with experts, or estimate requirements. There are a few factors that go into the price of concrete and its application. The area where the concrete has to be applied also changes the price points drastically. Whether you require it for residential purposes or large scale industrial purposes, it also pays to hire an expert for your project.

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Concrete Driveways

Concrete flatwork is applied in the construction of the driveway. Concrete is poured adequately to help frame your house and provide a clear passage for your vehicles. Without a good framework, your driveway can easily erode and may become uneven. Incorrect pouring on concrete can also result in damage to your driveway and subsequently your home. This is why a proper concrete flatwork is required in your driveway so that notable and safe barriers can be made that also align within your property parameters. A good driveway integrates itself naturally and smoothly into the landscape of your abode and helps to bring a classy finish to the exterior structure. If the concrete is poured properly, then the driveways can have premature slopes and faulty edges that will cause the vehicles to drive off the assigned runway. Lucky for you, we have the best team available for a concrete driveway Overland Park. 
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Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks ideally should be made within a particular frame. And they should be made with clear boundaries to avoid any road mishaps. As a result, concrete flatwork come into play as the commonly used method of concrete pouring. Sidewalks are measured and are given panel linings that allow for the concrete to be poured in only the prescribed section. The concrete is then dried only into this existing section and built up for a continuous sidewalk. 

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Stamped Concrete Patios

Your patios also require a specified allotted space to ensure that taking up a larger area is avoided. To make sure that the concrete surfaces do not spill into the garden or pool, or even extend into your driveway, a proper flatwork framework needs to be devised and implemented. The flatwork methods are used to make tile-like slabs that fit evenly around your patio. Because of the concrete’s durability and resistance to heat and water, it is often the preferred material for patio surfaces. Concrete helps provide protection and traction for foot traffic. Overland Park Concrete Crew is the go-to concrete contractor for stamped concrete patio Overland Park.
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ADA Ramps

Ramps are another example that relies on concrete flatwork for practical use. A ramp that is needed for wheelchairs or trolleys requires a smooth, even surface that is free from dents and cracks. To make a ramp, bordering panels are erected on each side of where the ramp will connect the two surfaces. For the avoidance of erosion or the drying of the ramps at a wrong angle, the flatwork methods are carried out. The rules and regulations set out by The Americans with Disabilities Act are followed diligently. These rules oversee the sizes, quantity, and installation of ramps. As a result, every ramp that we make is done with great care.


Due to our diligent work values and high professionalism, we have managed to garner an excellent reputation. Our clients are delighted, and we have an exponentially growing list of finished projects. Our professionalism relies on our workers being honest and dedicated and that they have a stoic mindset while performing tasks. Work is done tirelessly so that the end product is given within the deadline and is carried out to perfection.

Actively listening to customers:

We listen to our customers very actively and take their requests very seriously. We can comprehend everyone’s individual needs and ideas, and we carefully plan and execute a work program that will lead to customer satisfaction.


Teamwork is of the essence of our company. And we work in harmony to help utilize every team member’s potential to the fullest. Productive communications help us in carrying out tasks without any hassle.


Our team has the knowledge and skills needed to make sure the projects are carried out thoroughly and with precision so that your area will have beautifully done concrete flooring.

stamped concrete overland park

Concrete installations mostly depend on concrete flatwork where concrete is poured onto a pre-established plane. The plans are sectioned according to the measurements chosen before the pouring, so concrete is just simply poured in the middle of the surface to fill in the gap. Fillings are done to panels after that. Concrete flatwork is an excellent method for replacing concrete in specific areas or for creating new concrete surfaces.

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About Overland Park

Overland Park, Kansas is a city that traces its roots back to 1905 with the arrival of founder William B. Strang Jr., who platted subdivisions including one named “Overland park” along an old military road southwest off Kansas City called Blue Highway (or simply known as The Road). On May 20th 1960; this small town became nationally recognized for being incorporated into first class status which includes 75 square miles in Johnson County.

When the national economy took a nose dive in 2008, it hit Overland Park hard. City officials had focused their efforts on renovation and development of historic downtown area since early 1990s with Clock Tower Plaza as well as construction for Farmers Market Pavilion at Matt Ross Community Center 81st & Marty which opened up just before prosperity ended abruptly due to this economic downturn.