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Retaining walls are central infrastructure components that play an essential role in protecting our environment. In Overland Park, they help maintain slopes and prevent soil erosion, which might lead to dangerous landslides. Retaining walls can also provide practical benefits, such as increasing the property’s usable space and reallocating water drainage.

Overland Park Concrete Crew has been providing commercial and residential retaining wall installation services for several years. Hardscaping retaining walls increase the strength and stability of the outdoor slope and rise beauty too.

As professional concrete contractors in Overland Park, we know that a retaining wall is a significant investment, and every installation is unique. That’s why we are happy to schedule a free consolation for our clients and a custom estimate. 

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Plan your Retaining Walls Landscape Project Wisely

When planning for a hardscaping retaining walls construction project, planning ahead and choosing the right contractor is wise. Not all masons have experience installing retaining walls, so choosing experienced concrete contractors in Overland Park is necessary.

Planning retaining wall construction in Overland Park leads to a good result and design. Few things to consider – 

  • The first step is to assess the property’s terrain and soil conditions. Retaining walls can be built using concrete blocks, masonry, wood, etc. So it’s essential to choose a material that will be suitable for the soils of your property. 
  • Another necessity to plan is the height and length of the wall. You have to ensure that it is adequate for your needs. At Overland Park Concrete Crew, we help our clients measure the retaining walls construction project plan wisely.
  • Some other factors to consider as well are – 
  • The slope of the land.
  • The drainage needs of the site.

    A retaining wall may be the perfect solution if you want to add some extra curb appeal to your Kansas City home. Retaining walls creates beautiful landscapes and provides functional benefits like durability, safety, etc., to your sweet home in Overland Park.

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    Overland Park Concrete Crew: The Experts in Retaining Walls Installation

    Experience a different type of contractor experience in Kansas City from us. We are local concrete contractors in Overland Park. Our motto is – to give our clients a hassle-free and professional retaining walls installation service at a competitive budget.

    We don’t work for you but rather work with you to create the outdoor space the way you want. Overland Park Concrete Crew takes pride in punctuality, knowledge about retaining wall materials, specialized tools, and complete transparency with our clients.

    Our years of experience in Kansas City have led us to specialize in installing all types of concrete structures like driveways, stamped concrete, retaining walls, etc. To make the installation of your retaining wall project overachieved, we have both expertise and experience in this area.

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    Benefits of Hiring Concrete Contractors in Overland Park

    Concrete is one of the most popular choices for retaining walls among Kansas city residents. Its strong, durable, and concrete contractors bring an aesthetics look using concrete hardscaping retaining walls. 

    Retaining walls are an essential part of commercial and residential landscaping projects. And hiring a professional concrete contractor is a cost-effective option for these outdoor projects.

    Another reason is – Concrete contractors in Overland Park have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently. It will save time and leads to low-cost maintenance in the long run. 

    Furthermore, by hiring a contractor, you can avoid potentially costly mistakes when you would try D.I.Y. Also, choosing the right type of concrete for your property is not easy, but professionals know which one to choose and how to mix and pour it to last properly. 

    Additionally, professional concrete contractors can help you with other aspects of your project, such as excavation, foundation work, and landscaping. Professionally installed retaining walls make your home stand out in Overland Park, transform your outdoor space, and add value to your properties too.

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    How close to the property line can you build a retaining wall?

    In Kansas City, you are allowed to build a retaining wall up to 4 feet from the property line. If your wall is higher than 4 feet, you must obtain a building permit. You can contact Overland Park Concrete Crew or the city’s planning and development department for more information.

    Do retaining walls need building regulations?

    Yes, retaining walls in Kansas City need to comply with building regulations. In general, all walls over 4 feet in height and any wall that is supporting soil must be designed and built to meet safety requirements.

    What is the most common retaining wall failure?

    One of the most common retaining wall failures is insufficient drainage and improper installation. When water builds up behind a retaining wall, it can gradually erode the soil and eventually cause the entire wall to collapse. It’s necessary to ensure that your retaining wall has adequate drainage. 

    Leave all headaches to Overland Park Concrete Crew so that retaining wall failure doesn’t happen in Kansas City.